At Prestige, it’s our core values that differentiate us from the countless property maintenance companies out there in Mississauga vast market.

Our services are directed by one main thing: a relentless stewardship in the maintenance and management of the properties entrusted to us.

Founded on the blood, sweat and tears of our owner Edroy, who moved to Canada after working for Private Villas and Resorts on the island of Anguilla – we treat every property; big or small, as if it is our own.

Since 2016, and following the footsteps of his entrepreneurial father, Edroy takes pride in the way he maintains a property, the very way a painter loses themselves after their canvas is no longer blank.


With careful instruction and consideration for customers’ needs, his heightened awareness of the needs of each property allows him to create a unique approach for each of the sites he works at.

Each location has their needs expertly tailored to, with a fine-tuned focus on improving the small imperfections that come together to create something wonderful – while maintaining a sense of responsibility towards its surrounding areas.

With over two decades of experience, Edroy has firsthand experience and expertise on what it takes to tend to the softscape of a property, increasing not only its value – but also its beauty.

By providing reliable, responsive, and responsible services since 2016, Prestige is able to maximize the potential of your property in the Mississauga area.

Today, our 6+ years of extensive experience encompasses numerous segments of property maintenance – and our talented team have transformed a vast range of spaces – from homes to businesses and more.

At Prestige, we’re always happy to meet new customers – so call us today and say hello.